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Our History

The Miners Doncaster Volleyball Club was established in 2015 by our founder Zbigniew Bloch. The first team consisted of 9 men and 1 woman and played in the lowest league in the Yorkshire Volleyball Association. In their first season of playing, they won the league and decided to enter the national volleyball league, division 3. However, during their first season in division 3, our founder passed away. It was a huge loss to the club. Then club secretary, Jozef Balazs then took over as chairman, with his wife Ami-Louise Balazs taking over as club secretary and treasurer. At this point, their main aim was to continue on with Zbigniew's dreams of making Doncaster a hub for volleyball. Meanwhile, the NVL team finished in fifth place of division 3 of the NVL and the ladies team finished in fifth place in the local league, their first season playing in competitions.

It was in the second season of the NVL in 2018 that the men's first team were promoted to division 2, only 3 seasons in to their volleyball career. It was during this season the 2018-19 season, that the players really grew together and became a true team, and this was evident in the way they played, winning every game bar one, leaving them top of division 2 and meaning another promotion, back-to-back with their previous promotion and sending them flying into division 1 of the National League!


This brings us to the 2019-20 season. Our first men's team are playing in division 1, our women's first team are playing in division 3 of the NVL and we will continue to have a men's team in the local league, as well as establishing a second women's team in the lowest league.